Terms of Service

While accepting commodity ordering and delivery on the ZBeetle official site (hereinafter referred to as “this site”), the user is obliged to obey the following transaction terms. Please read the terms below carefully before placing an order:

I. Confirmation and acceptance of the Terms of Service of this site

The ownership and operation rights of allinternet services of this site are owned by Shenzhen ZBeetle Intelligence Co., Ltd. The services provided by this site shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the Terms of Service and operating rules published  on this site. To become an official user of this site, the user must agree to all the  Terms of Service and complete the registration procedure. The user confirms that:  the terms of this Agreement are the promissory basis for the rights and obligations of both parties and shall remain valid unless they violate national compulsory laws.  When placing an order, you also acknowledge that you have the legal capacity and capacity for conduct to purchase these products, and you will be responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provide in the order.

II. Service introduction

This site uses its own operating system to provide internet services for users through International Internet.

At the same time, the user must:

1. Prepare equipment required for online surfing, including personal computer, modem and other necessary equipment.

2. Be liable for telephone bill and internet service fees related to this service paid for personal access to the Internet.

3. Based on the importance of the internet services provided by this site, the user shall agree to:

<1>. provide detailed and accurate personal information and data.

<2>. continuously update registration information to meet the timely, detailed and accurate requirements.

This site will not disclose users' names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and pseudonyms, except for:

1. information authorized by the user to be disclosed by this site.

2. users' personal information and data to be disclosed by this site in accordance with corresponding legal procedures and government orders.

If the information and data provided by the user contains any incorrect or illegal information, this site reserves the right to terminate the user’s usage of internet service qualification.

III. Price and quantity

This site will try its best to ensure that the price of the goods you purchase is consistent with the one published on the website. However, the price list and statement do not constitute an offer but merely an invitation to offer.

This site is entitled to cancel the commitment based on the principle of gross misunderstanding if it finds any apparent error or out of stock for the products and orders displayed on the website. Meanwhile, this site reserves the right to limit the quantity of products ordered.

The price and availability of the products are indicated on this site. This kind of information is subject to change without notification. The price of goods includes Value Added Tax. 

However, if the price changes due to website errors after you confirm your order in special cases, you are entitled to cancel the order. It is expected that you kindly notify our Customer Service Department via email or call.

You have the right to cancel the order if the goods you order are out of stock.

IV. Delivery and fees

This site will deliver the products to your designated delivery address. All the delivery time listed on this site is only for reference, which is estimated on the basis of inventory, normal processing process, delivery time and delivery location. The actual delivery may be different. The delivery fees vary based on the delivery method you select.

Please fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. This site is not responsible for any order delay or failure of delivery caused by the circumstances below:

1. Incorrect information and unspecific address provided by the customer.

2. Fees due to repeated delivery and related consequences as no one signs for the goods upon delivery.

3. Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic siege, sudden war, etc.

V. Amendment of the Terms of Services

This site may amend the relevant provisions in this user agreement from time to time. In the event of changes in the terms and service content, this site will notify such amendment on important pages. If the user does not agree with the amendment made by this site, the user can actively cancel the accessed internet  service provided in this site. Continuing to use the services provided by this site shall be deemed that the user has accepted the changes to the Terms of Service.

This site reserves the right to constantly modify or interrupt the service without notification to users.

VI. User privacy policy

Respecting users' personal privacy is a basic policy of this site. Therefore, as a supplement to the analysis of the personal registration information and data in Point II above, this site will not disclose, edit or disclose the user’s registration information and data and non-public content stored in this site without the authorization of  legitimate users, unless required by law or this site believes that the disclosure of such information is necessary in the following four circumstances on the basis of good faith:

1. Comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the legitimate service procedures of this site.

2. Maintain the trademark ownership of this site.

3. Protect the privacy of users and the public in emergency cases.

4. Meet other related requirements.

VII. User account, password and security

Once the user becomes a legitimate user of this site after a successful registration, he/she will get a password and an user name. The user can change their password at any time in accordance with instructions. The user shall be fully liable for his/her user name and password security. In addition, each user shall be fully liable for all

activities and events conducted on the behalf of his/her user name. If any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities are found, the user shall immediately notify this site.

VIII. Storage and restrain of user information

This site is not liable for the deletion or storage failure for information published by users on this site. This site reserves the right to check whether the user’s behavior meets the requirements in the Terms of Service and spirits of this site. If the user violates any of Terms of Service on this site, this site reserves the right to terminate the internet services.

IX. User management

The user shall be liable for the content published. The usage of this service shall accord with all national laws, local laws, and international legal standards applicable to this site. The user must ensure that:

1. The transmission of technical data from China to the overseas market must meet related regulations in China.

2. Do not use internet services for illegal purposes.

3. Do not interrupt or disturb internet services.

4. Obey all internet protocols, regulations, procedures, and practices for using internet services. The user shall promise not to transmit any illegal, criminal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, and other information that may infringe upon the lawful rights of others; In addition, the user shall not transmit information that abets others to constitute a criminal act;

information that aids disadvantageous conditions in China or information related to national security; or information that does not comply with local regulations, national laws and international laws. 

It is prohibited to access to other computer systems without authorization.

If the user's behavior does not meet the above-mentioned Terms of Service, this site will make an independent judgment to immediately cancel the user service account. The user shall bear legal responsibility for their actions on the Internet. If the user spreads and disseminates any reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws on this site, the system records of this site may be served as

the evidence for their violation of laws.

X. Termination of service

The user or this site may terminate one or several internet services based on actual conditions. This site shall not be liable to any individual or third party for the interruption of service at any time. If the user has any objection for the amendment of terms or is dissatisfied with this site service, the user may exercise the following


1. Terminate the use of internet services of this site.

2. Notify this site to terminate the service for the user.

When the user service is terminated, the user’s right to use internet services of this site will be terminated immediately. Since then, the customer has the right (and this site has no obligation to) transmit any unprocessed information or uncompleted service to other users or the third-parties.

XI. Notice

All notices sent to users can be transmitted by important web page announcement, e-mails or regular mails. Any modification to the terms of user agreement, changes of service, or other important events will be notified in this form.

XII. Participation in advertisement planning

If the user adds promotional materials to their published information or participates in advertisement planning and displays their product with the free service of this service, any promotional method of this kind, including transportation of goods, payment, service, commercial conditions, guarantee, and description related to the

advertisements shall only be occurred between the corresponding user and the

advertisement seller. This site bears no responsibility, and has no obligations to bear any part of responsibilities for this kind of advertisement or information.

XIII. Ownership of internet service content

The internet service content defined by this site includes: all contents in text, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts, advertisements; all contents in e-mail; and other information provided by this site for users. All contents are protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, the user can only use these contents under the authorization of this site and advertisers, and shall not copy or recreate these contents or create derivative products related to these contents without authorization. The copyright of all articles on this site shall belong to both the original author and this site. Anyone who needs to reprint the articles of this site must obtain the authorization of the original author and this site.

XIV. Limitation of liability

If the sales system of this site collapses or is not available for usage due to force majeure, third party infringement, hacker, computer virus, or other reasons beyond this site’s control, which results in failure to complete online transaction or loss of

related information and records, this site bears no responsibility. However, this site will assist in dealing with the aftermath as reasonably as possible to protect customers from economic losses as much as possible.

In addition to other restrictions and exceptions stipulated in the terms of use of this site, within the limits permitted by Chinese laws and regulations, this site, and the directors, managers, employees, agents or other representatives of this site bear no

responsibilities in any conditions for any direct, indirect, special, collateral, incidental, or punitive damages or damages of any other natures arising from or related to transaction. The full responsibility of this site, in regardless of contract, guarantee, infringement (including negligence) or other liability, shall not exceed the value of the goods you purchased related to the claim.

XV. Jurisdiction and application of the law

The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and the  settlement of disputes shall be governed by the Chinese laws.

In the event of any conflict between the Terms of Service of this site and the Chinese laws, these terms will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the provisions of the law, while other valid provisions will remain the legal effect and impact on users.

Any provision of this Agreement determined to be invalid or unenforceable shall be deemed severed from the provision through deletion, while other provisions shall remain in force.

In the event of any dispute between two parties over the content of this agreement or its implementation, both parties shall try their best to resolve it through amiable consultation; if no negotiation is reached, either party may bring a suit in the local court where the owner of this site locates.